If bedtime is a challenge for your child…or if you think that going on an imaginary journey is a wonderful way to end the day, give this 11 minute guided meditation a try.

If your child struggles with anxiety or if you’ve been apart all day, lie down beside him/her and go on this journey together–it’s a beautiful way to reconnect.

Once you know how to get your child to the gate of their garden, you can create your own adventures that play to the interests and imagination of your son or daughter. Visiting the same location over and over again (whether it’s a garden, a beach, a planet in space…) is a subtle way to create a soothing, comforting place they can visit anytime in their imagination. They will get to know this place so well, night after night, in connection with you and you can encourage them to conjure it up in stressful moments throughout their day.

Sleep well!

This meditation was inspired by Starbright by Maureen Garth.

  1. Just played this for Molly (age 5), twice, and she is asleep! Magical. I’ll have to see what she says about it in the morning but after the first round, she said that she liked it. After the second time, she was fast asleep. Love that she fell asleep listening to your voice and amazing meditation.

  2. I began using this last week with my 5 and 3 year Olds. The five year old now requests it every night before bed an tonight, he was snoring by the end. I love that they have a special place in their heads that they can go to at anytime. Thanks so much!

  3. Dana, this is lovely. Thank you. I did it last night with Helen and her brother, and they both loved it. Looking forward to doing it again!

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