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I haven’t been writing my dreams down lately but last night I had one of those dreams that needed to be held onto, reflected on, and used as the guidepost it was.

As I was writing it down this morning, it struck me that so much understanding comes from the act of writing itself–an act I often resists because it takes awhile. As I took the time to write down the dream images and events, however, I started to make connections and see patterns from previous dreams and my current life experiences. This always happens, I just forget the value of this practice…I’ve been guided over the years in deciphering my dreams and I’ve learned that we all have our own personal dream language and if we get to know it, the insights we receive become little gifts of comfort, or sometimes big, flashing signs of what needs to be looked at in our waking life.

I used my dream last night to guide my practice this morning. It was so clear what parts of my body needed to relax, open, and be explored. Dream work and yoga go so beautifully together–letting our body work through some of the psychic input it received during the night.

If you’ve never written your dreams down, I really encourage you to put a notebook and pen beside your bed and open yourself up to this as a new practice. It’s a different way of working and getting to know ourselves. If you don’t remember your dreams, still put the notebook beside the bed and ask, before you fall asleep, to receive any insights your dreams are ready to offer.

Sweet dreams…

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