Over the next several weeks, I invite you to join me on an experiential journey as I ponder, reflect, and eat my way through the cakra-s.

The cakra system is a beautiful model to explore as we seek to understand more deeply our physical and energetic experiences in this life. Located along the spine, 7 vortices of energy spin, opening and closing to varying degrees depending on our past and current experiences of reality. Just as each organ in our physical body serves specific functions, so too does each cakra. Anodea Judith defines cakra-s as: “organizing centers for the reception, assimilation, and transmission of life energies.” When these vortices are functioning optimally, we feel a deep sense of contentment and well-being; we feel vital, healthy, inspired, and grounded. There are many ways to improve the functioning of these centers (asana, pranayama, meditation). Food, I would argue, is another very effective, although often overlooked, way.

This experiment has come about as a result of a conversation with a lovely friend and respected colleague. We did some work together while she was going through some nutritional challenges and profound healing. She pointed out to me that I don’t work with food in a traditional way…that there is a level of creativity and intuition involved in my suggestions. She encouraged me to take this leap and offer my beliefs around food to a wider audience.

My daily yoga practice provides the foundation for my personal exploration in this area. Years ago, my teacher introduced me to using the cakra colours in deliberate ways in my asana practice. The healing I have experienced as a result has been powerful.

Having offered this little bit of background, perhaps you will be inspired to follow along! Each week I will introduce a specific cakra, offer questions to consider and simple practices to try, and provide specific foods and recipes to nourish the energy center.

I am in no way implying we can fully address the complex issues of each cakra, I am simply offering a gentle introduction for those of you unfamiliar with this model, or a new experience for those of you who already enjoy working energetically. I would be honoured if you would let me know of your experiences and reactions!

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