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Yoga has been one of the greatest gifts of my life. But a gift that snuck up on me, quietly dropped seeds, and slowly took root. Like many of you reading this, I had no idea what that little nudge was that was drawing me towards this path of self-exploration. Maybe it was a memory of my mom in her eighties leotard doing poses out of a well-used little yoga book. Or, maybe it was the realization during my fourteen years as a classroom teacher, that my state of mind had a direct impact on the children I spent time with. Whatever it was, when the nudge became persistent I started exploring. For years, I studio-hopped, tried different teachers, and popped a variety of videos into the VCR. I felt taller, my breath moved a little easier, and I started to get some relief from my anxiety and acne. But it wasn’t until I was exposed to the power of a daily practice that the real gifts started to reveal themselves. I started to feel more compassion—for myself and for the people in my life. I started to become genuinely curious about my internal experience of the world and began to examine old patterns that didn’t really serve me anymore. And as a recovering perfectionist and worrier, I realized that this is it. I’m never going to get my life tidied up and wrapped up with a big pink bow. Being truly alive and engaged in life is a bit messy and the best way to be with the mess is to be with the mess: to roll out my mat every morning, to move and breathe and wonder. And to see what insights come up to support my own growth and understandings.

And that’s what I have to offer you. A promise to meet you wherever you are at in your personal exploration; to explore the many tools yoga has to offer (poses, breathing, chanting, meditation, nutrition), and to find what works for you. As a thoughtful and creative person, I relish this work. I understand that deep knowing that so many of us tuck away inside: that knowing that balance, meaningful connection, purposeful work, and contented wisdom is possible in this life.

But Yoga is called a practice for a reason. Nothing changes without effort.

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”

I’m here to whole-heartedly support your efforts.

It is my wish that people feel content in their own skin, that children have conscious adults surrounding them, that everyone has an ability to access a place of quiet and calm within themselves.

All the offerings on my website are created from the heart and with the intention to offer people opportunities to find connection, balance, perspective, and personal insight.

Make a cup of tea, curl up, and take a look…And be in touch anytime!




Bachelor of Education (OISE / University of Toronto)

Masters of Education (University of British Columbia)

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification (Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield / University of California’s Greater Good Science Center)

Yoga Teacher Training (300 hours / Yoga Therapy Toronto)

Yoga Therapy Training (500 hours / Yoga Therapy Toronto)

Yin Yoga Teacher Training (50 hours/ Soghrati Yoga)

Children’s Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Tree)

Holistic Nutritionist (Canadian School of Natural Nutrition)

Reiki Practitioner and Teacher (Usui Method / Mastery Level)