Private/Semi-Private Yoga Sessions for Kids

Experts agree that anxiety is on the rise amongst children. In general, people who suffer from anxiety tend to overestimate the danger of a situation and underestimate their ability to cope. These dangers may be real or perceived and tend to be future oriented. Yoga can offer tools to help children cultivate present moment awareness, increase feelings of groundedness and confidence, and help release tension held in their bodies.

For some children, it is nice to be introduced to yoga and mindfulness in private sessions or with a sibling or friend in a semi-private setting.

During our time together, your child will be introduced to some yoga poses for strength, balance, and relaxation. They will be taught easy-to-use breathing techniques and will experience relaxation through restorative poses and final rest. Child friendly meditation and focus techniques will also be introduced.

The sessions will honour your child’s needs, personality, and interests with a goal to establishing a few tools they can turn to in times of need. I do request that you speak with your child about this opportunity and ensure that they are interested in exploring yoga and mindfulness.

After school and summer daytime sessions available

45 mins

For children 7 years and older

$6o/session or $40 per child for semi-private (+HST)

It is suggested to book a series of 4 sessions so that children can embody some of the practices for use at home and school.

Home office: Yonge & Davisville

Please email to book a session.

Mother/Daughter Yoga

Afundamental belief in Yoga is that connection opens the heart and promotes calm and wellbeing, while disconnection causes suffering. At a time when childhood anxiety is all too common and adults are juggling more balls than ever, consciously fostering connection is crucial if we are to raise a generation of children who feel safe, who are resilient, and who move through our world with an open heart. The importance of the foundational relationship between parent and child, and the role it plays in a child’s emotional development, are the grounding principles in the development of this class. While on the surface the act of moving, breathing, and creating with your child appears quite simple, the conscious act of setting aside time to connect and build relationship is healing and powerful.

This class is designed for moms (caregiver/relative) and their 7-12 year old daughter.

Sunday May 10th (Mother’s Day!)

Roots Yoga Studio hosting via Zoom

1:30 – 2:15 pm

Cost: $20 +HST

If you are interested, please visit their website by clicking this linkMother/Daughter Yoga May 10th

Parent/Teen Yoga

In order to offer some respite from the busy-ness and anxiety that many teens and adults experience, this class will focus on gentle yoga sequences, breathing practices, restorative poses, and will finish with deep relaxation.

This class is designed for a parent (caregiver/relative) and their 12-16 year old son or daughter. No experience with yoga is necessary.


On hold at this time

Roots Yoga Studio

1073 Yonge Street

7:00 – 8:00 pm

Cost: $40 +HST (Register parent only, teen included)

To reserve your spot, please register on the Workshop page at: Roots Yoga Studio

Parent/Child Yoga

The heart of this class is connection. The hour will be infused with special moments for your son or daughter to connect with their body, breath, and heart as well as many small moments for the two of you to connect to one another.

This class is designed for one parent (caregiver/relative) and their 7-12 year old child. No experience with yoga is necessary.

On hold at this time

Cost: $40 +HST (Register parent only, child included)

To reserve your spot, please register online: 889 Studio

This class is designed for one parent (or caregiver/relative) and their 7-12 year old child.