Enjoy being lead through a Restorative Yoga practice while receiving healing Reiki energy. This is a magical experience that allows participants to drop deeper into their practice, clear blockages, and truly rest.

Private Reiki Restorative:

  • $100 (includes)/60 minutes

If you would like a private, semi-private, or group class at another location, please contact me. Cost will be dependent on location and number of participants.

My week starts on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm. At this time I take a Restorative Yoga class with Dana that sets me up…relaxes me…rejuvenates me… and gently stretches my philosophical and emotional boundaries towards a place of peace. In this class I am privileged to experience a sensitivity and loving kindness that one rarely encounters…this coupled with an intimate knowledge of yogic physiology and Reiki makes for a truly healing experience. At times I am taken to deep levels of release where I have found tears running down my cheeks…other times where I find I am grinning …even laughing. Poetic commentary / beautiful music deepens the experience. This is one powerful force of love…

~ Soozi