It is a dream come true to be able to share what I’ve learned from my 13 years experience as an Elementary Teacher in the TDSB and 10 + years teaching kids’ yoga in school and studio settings. This thoughtful training will give you the knowledge and inspiration to teach yoga to the children in your life.

If you are a yoga teacher wanting to create a kids’ class, a classroom teacher wanting to infuse yoga into your classroom or extracurricular activities, or a parent wanting ideas to practice at home with your child, this training is for you!

This training will address:

  • Class planning and teaching strategies for 4-6 year olds and 7-12 year olds
  • Yoga and Mindfulness philosophy in child friendly terms
  • Age appropriate poses, breathing practices, games, and relaxation techniques
  • Best practices for class and behaviour management
  • How Yoga benefits the bodies, minds and spirits of children
  • Developmental stages of childhood and how Yoga supports motor, cognitive, emotional, and chakra development
  • Yogic approaches to challenges of childhood (e.g. disconnection, anxiety, attention)
  • The power of language when working with children
  • Effective teaching resources and inspiring yogic picture books
  • The importance of a personal practice on the part of the teacher
  • How to use imagination and a growth mindset to meet the needs of children

Pre-requisites and notes:

It is recommended that you have a personal yoga or mindfulness practice. It is our belief that teaching happens from an embodied place.

At the end of the training, you will receive a certificate of completion.

KIDS’ YOGA 20 hour evening training:

Commitment: 20+ hours  (16.5 contact hours +  reading, homework, practice teaching prep)

Dates & Times: Once in-person trainings are able to resume, new dates will be released.

Location: hOMe Studio (Bathurst and St. Clair)

Cost: $525 + HST

Space is limited to 8 participants. To register for the training, please contact me directly to ensure there is still space. It is helpful if you include a little about your background (classroom teacher, yoga teacher etc.).  

Please note: You must be able to attend the Saturday and all 3 evening sessions in order to receive your certificate. Please plan accordingly before confirming registration.

You are welcome to etransfer a deposit of $150 to hold your spot to You can also etransfer the full payment of $593.25 ($525+HST).

Your deposit or full payment is refundable until September 20th. After September 20th, you will be refunded your full payment less $150.

Your spot is considered confirmed once a deposit or payment has been received. I am happy to issue a receipt.

As you can read from the testimonials below, this training will be taught from the heart–with so much respect for both the magic and imagination of childhood and the challenges inherent in developing and growing into a conscious person. It will also be taught from a place of understanding that the connection we, as conscious adults, foster with children provides the foundation for all the kindness, fun, and trust that follows.

I hope you can join us!

The hallmark of a brilliant training is the ability to take a group of people through a process that leaves them wholly changed. Dana’s kids’ yoga teacher training is executed seamlessly, and students are completely supported by her careful planning, experience as a teacher, attention to detail and her knowledge of group process. I was thrilled with the comprehensive manual, and I left the training with the ability to teach an excellent kids yoga class. However, the best part for me, was that I left the training with a more playful and gentle approach to being a parent, and these tools have helped to shape the time I spend with my own children. I would highly recommend this training to any teacher or parent looking to enhance the quality of their interactions with children through mindfulness and movement.”

~Tracey Soghrati, Soghrati Yoga

I had originally signed up for the Kids Yoga Teacher Training through Birch Bee with the intent to broaden my yoga experience and to share my love of Yoga with my own three children. After only a few short hours of Dana’s course I felt compelled to share this gift with more that just my children. I was inspired to take the training and skills I was learning and share it on many different levels. Dana is such a wonderful teacher. She is engaging, kind and so knowledgeable. She creates such a comfortable and engaging environment. I found the experience with Dana to truly be life changing. Since completing my training I have been teaching kids yoga classes at a studio in my community. Just within the last year I have branched out to include five kids classes a week with the addition of birthday parties and speciality camps. I can’t thank Dana enough for sharing her gift with me, I am forever grateful of my time with her. “

~Shayna Naus, Yoga Blossom for Kids

The three day Kids’ Yoga Teacher Training with Bee Birch Yoga Therapy far exceeded my expectations.  Dana’s material is thoughtful, well-crafted and masterfully delivered.  It’s obvious Dana is passionate about kids and about her work with them.  She holds a space in the room that is intelligent, gentle and inspiring – both as a teacher of students and a teacher of teachers.  I would recommend this course to teachers and parents alike – anyone who spends time with children and wants to make that relationship richer.”

~Carla Weinstein

Taking Dana’s Yoga Teacher Training for Children was very informative and inspiring to me as an educator. Dana’s  lessons were rich with content and her delivery of the subject was masterful. Being a Drama and Dance educator in the TDSB I was inspired to combine some of the yoga poses I learned with creative dance as well as the theme of newcomers to Canada. Using Dana’s Yoga Story Map I created a practice lesson that combined the above  three elements. I look forward to using this method with future Drama and Dance lessons that are rooted in social justice issues. This training encouraged me to be more confident in my body and as a teacher. I highly recommend this course.”

~Megan Johnston

Dana’s 3 day Kids Yoga Teacher Training offered me a new and effective way to connect with children in both my professional and personal life. Each day is playful, fun and joyful. Dana is an inspiring leader who is able to govern adults through the eyes and ears of children. Her manual is a wonderful resource offering great information and research. I recommend this training for any parent hoping to learn new ways to connect to their kids; any yoga instructor hoping to work with children; and any grade school teacher hoping to include yoga and/or mindfulness in their classroom. Dana’s kids yoga teacher training is worth while and not one to miss! “

~Naomi Zahler

Participating in Dana’s 3 day training was the best training I’ve had in a very long time.  I had so much fun, learned so much, and left feeling so excited to jump in feet first to teaching  kids and teens. Dana left no stone unturned. Her passion came through in every part of her training, from training manuals to activities to providing resources to role plays. And who would have thought that learning philosophy and childhood development could be as interesting as it was: all due to Dana’s teaching style. Thank you, Dana. Only one question: when can I sign up for KYTT Level 2?” ~Alyson

The kids yoga program was inspirational! It was a really great mix of practical yoga practice with great research information and resources. The course was also great because it was broken down into different age groups, which makes it very easy to navigate in our own classes. As a classroom teacher it was inspiring to see how yoga can be practical, and is necessary, for the school children.”
Ireally resonated with Dana, she is down to earth and very knowledgeable in all aspects of the course. With Dana also being an elementary school teacher she incorporates the yoga mat into the classroom and can share her experiences and give advice under this hat. Dana’s workshop was very concise and packed with loads of ideas and information while paying attention to every detail”
KYTT has proven invaluable in both my personal and professional lives.  As a Health and Physical Education teacher at an elementary school I have already incorporated many of the dynamic and thoughtful ideas into my own teaching praxis with much success, and as a mum to a young girl I have also used many of these same ideas at home with my young yogi who continues to value the quiet connection that yoga has given to both of us.  Dana’s training is a gift!”
Participating in Dana’s class was at times like becoming a kid again.  As teachers we were invited to participate, play and experience yoga as if we were children, and as we did so our kid-selves showed up and learning took on a whole new dimension of creativity and possibility. It’s was brilliant teaching and learning!  Dana’s classes were well planned.  The three-day workshop was a process of gradually introducing layer upon layer of knowledge mixed with hands-on experience. The course was overflowing with tried-and-true techniques and reflected an exceptional understanding of children of all age groups.  Dana is also an inspiring teacher because she loves what she is doing and she teaches from the heart as well as the head.  Music of all kinds and for all ages was presented;  instructions and tools to prepare yoga classes for all ages; and a teacher’s manual filled with resources, ideas, creative suggestions and frameworks to prepare and walk you through your classes.  You walked away from the course exhausted, but you knew you had everything you needed to create strong, safe and creative yoga classes for kids of all ages.  You couldn’t ask for a more creative, delightful, experiential and knowledgeable course on how to teach kids yoga!”
~Mary Rose